Christ-focused education for reproductive grief care helpers.

On-demand training to help equip, encourage and educate on how to bring biblical hope and healing to those experiencing reproductive loss.
Together, we encourage a culture of biblical care for those grieving.

What is an RLN online course?

Reproductive Loss Network provides an online learning space for all people wishing to explore, learn, and connect around topics related to reproductive grief, grief-coping, loss, and grief support from a biblical perspective. As with all RLN endeavors, we strive to create a supportive learning environment that respects all learning styles.

Who should take an online RLN course?

Absolutely anyone is welcome! Our courses are tailored to cater to individuals interested in gaining knowledge about subjects related to reproductive grief and loss, grief support, and strategies for coping with grief. In particular, our courses are valuable for those seeking to explore these sensitive themes from a biblical perspective. Moreover, they are also highly beneficial for professionals and volunteers engaged in any helping role.

Who teaches these online courses?

Each of our courses is created by Tanya Flores (ACBC Certified) and Tricia Lewis, Ph.D. As educators and co-founders of the Reproductive Loss Network, we bring a wealth of personal experience and expertise to our course offerings. Having confronted our own profound losses, we have dedicated over three decades of combined experience to addressing issues related to reproductive grief and loss, both in-person and online.

Our courses

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Our attendees have
a few nice things to say about us

"Wonderful course! I truly appreciated the heart and care of the instructors. Their commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture was refreshing. I wish all church leaders could hear the wisdom they have to share. You’re on the right track. Keep doing what you’re doing!"
CHERYL, author and educator
"I was very pleased with the training, especially to see how Christ-centered it is. True healing isn’t possible without Christ, and it’s important to have a biblical framework for going through loss with others."
JULIE, hotline volunteer
"I loved the workshop. What a blessing that it is so God-centered! You are both steeped in Christ and a passion for this ministry, you know what you know in Christ. There is wisdom and compassion in you for this ministry, that only God can endow. God Bless you and your organization."
linda, pregnancy staff member
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