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Finding and Practicing Words of Comfort

People you encounter are often suffering many types of losses, such as the loss of a dream, a relationship or a pregnancy. Many times, we offer words that seem to fall flat, are not helpful or may even be hurtful. This course will give you a deeper application of grief and loss with practical insight to help you best communicate comfort to others through a biblical approach.

Course Details - 1 hour

  • 6 Modules
  • 1 Certificate
  • 8 Videos
  • Helps. Our Suggested Resources Guide

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss suffering and God's sustenance
  • Talk about the language of grief comfort
  • Experience practical application


Any individual who wants to learn how to care from a biblical perspective through compassionate and thoughtful words and expressions.
Meet the instructor

Tricia Lewis

Tricia Lewis is a national and international grief care educator and co-founder of the Reproductive Loss Network. Tricia had the privilege to spend many years as an Executive Director for a pregnancy clinic in Northern California. She now provides grief education to individuals and groups, especially those in pregnancy help organizations. Tricia holds an M.A. in Human Services with a concentration in Trauma and Crisis and a Ph.D. in Psychology and Counseling.

Tricia is based in Nashville but loves to develop ongoing relationships with people wherever they may be. It is her joy to educate, equip, and encourage others to serve their communities in practical and compassionate ways.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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